19 August 2008

Interlude - A stitched model

For a brief interlude from the Show Saga I'm going to post my most recent stitching finish. It's my own design Tribal Sun, which is available as a freebie in my shop. I've been wanting to stitch it for a while now but I recently created the perfect fabric on which to stitch it. The fabric is called Fire and looks like this:

I actually started stitching it on a piece of Belfast at the show the other weekend. The Sunday afternoon was quite slow and my assistant for the day, Lindsay, suggested that we do a spot of stitching using my free designs, so as to create models of them. She chose my Celtic Knot (also in the shop) and I made a start on Tribal Sun.

Unfortunately I only rarely stitch in hand, and only when it's easier to do so (usually for speciality stitching) and I didn't get on with it very well. I persevered and then discovered that I'd suffered a massive frog attack, at which point I gave up and put it away in disgust.

Not to be beaten I started over, this time on a piece of Murano that I'd had to pull from being sold because it had a couple of tiny black spots right in the middle. This happens from time to time and I either sell it as 'faulty' with the faults clearly described, and the price discounted, or I stick it in my personal stash. In this case the design was only going to take less than half the fabric the spots didn't matter.

Anyway, long story short (too late), I finally finished stitching it a couple of nights ago:

After getting this scan of it flat I made it up into a biscornu, however there's no picture yet as it's not quite finished, I just need a bead or button for the middle to complete it, then I'll take piccies.

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