12 May 2008

A new start

Welcome to my new blog, Dyeing to Sparkle. This blog will be about all things relating to my business, Sparklies, and how I got where I am today (cue CJ).

For those who don't know, Sparklies is a one woman (me) operation wherein I hand dye fabrics and threads for needlecraft, and create my own original cross stitch designs. These are then sold through my online shop at www.sparklies.co.uk. At the moment my products are only available direct from me through my shop, however I may in the future be looking to go wholesale in a small way.

The idea of creating this blog is so I can share such things as, how I got into cross stitch and how long I've been at it, how Sparklies came about, how I got into dyeing, and many other things.

I'll also post pictures of new colours of fabric and threads as they are created, hints and progress pictures of new designs, and maybe even the occasional picture of work in progress.

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